How To Choose A Remote Backup And A Secure Backup All In One

In today’s age of technology and having all of our information out there in cyber space you have to be sure that you are using the most up to date and secure online backups available. Knowing what is out there is going to be key to finding the online remote backup that is a secure backup that will meet all the needs of your household or business.

Things you should look for in your secure backup. The encryption of information is the key to a secure backup. What do you use as a yardstick to measure whether or not it is secure. Well some of the companies will just offer you the statement that they are securely encrypted. How does this ensure you that you are? It really does not. So I would go with a company that offers at least some relevant information as to what kind of encryption they use. I use one that ensures me that they use a military encryption code. I assume if it is secure enough for the military it will work for me too.

When looking at the other things you might want in a backup you should address a few things:

Can I see my files on all my computers? Many backups offer online briefcases or storage spots that you can access (with a password and username of course) all the files from each of your backups from any of your computers. This will allow you to easily transfer pictures, files, and any other projects from one computer to another. You can also access files in your briefcase from your mobile phone. How awesome is that?

Add a drive to your computer? This is really awesome because they allow you to save directly from your computer to the online backup. This helps you to keep your computer from getting bogged down with big files and allows you to keep your computer running quickly. It also allows you to access things that may be too big for your local storage but will be no problem from your backup drive.

Accessing files from anywhere? Is this possible? Have you ever been somewhere and thought , if only I could get this file off my computer this would really go much more smoothly. Well with a secure backup available to you from anywhere you can access the information that you have on your computer from anywhere you have internet access.

These are just a few of the things that I find the most important in an online backup that is a secure backup. There are many other options that are phenomenal and make life a lot easier. I suggest looking into these low cost, high function options and making your computer work even harder for you and never worry about a crash wiping out all you have worked for.

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